A talent offered on Modelzing is called a MZING.

Modelzing allow talents to set specific packages in a variety of categories and increasing daily.  All rates are at full disclosure of the individual talent.  Additional services are provided with a range and price point set by poster.

Signing Up

Signing up to Modelzing is free and just one click away “Join us” above. Only registered users are able to access buy/selling functions.

After successfully signing up, you’ll receive a welcome email that has an activation link required for activating your account. If you require any additional help please feel free to contact our Customer Support for assistance.

For Buyers

We have made it convenient to connect buyers with potentials talents.  From the homepage you are able to navigate through states or search for specific terms (Professional, Amateur, etc.) using search bar.  Each MZING ad will have a description along with photos to help assist with your selection.  After finding the right talent, just proceed to check out.  Currently PayPal will be our processing provider.

Note: All transactions are subject to a processing fee of 20%

For Sellers

Buyers pay Modelzing for orders in advance. Sellers keep 80% of each MZING project they sell and successfully complete.  Once a project is marked completed by Buyer, the seller will receive proceeds. For example, a photo-shoot for $100 would result in $80 profit for Seller upon completion.